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The Complete Story

There's a reason why the vast majority of people don't trade their own stocks. It's because it takes inside knowledge to make good decisions about buying and selling. This is also true for buying and selling art. Who knows what's good, or not? Many people don't understand how art can accumulate extreme value. There are barriers in place that prevent a truly free market for art and, uh, for stocks. 

Sybehtos will tear these barriers down for good, for art.

This site is an exhibition piece, it represents an artist, it is conceptually linked to art by an artist, serves as it's own gallery, poses as both curator and critic, rackets as auctioneer and humbly connects collector and artist. 

Sybehtos will simplify the buying and selling of art by engaging the interested to place their own pricing, thus giving a real value to the artist and the rest of the world. 


Sybehtos can unwrite everything we know about the connection between money and art, and that is the artist's intent.

More Background

Many years ago I started a conversation with a friend about the measure of success. She asked me, “how do you measure it?” I responded, “I measure success by the number of plates I sell,” and she replied “I gauge my success by how much money I make.” For a long time after I thought deeply about her response. It seemed plausible, and I even tried it. But it wasn’t for me. I thought something was wrong with that idea. 


In this exhibition I have identified a very modern, forward idea about the relationship between art and money. I’ve rejected the critical acclaim that art and finance have collided, although I know they have. But this doesn’t leave art where It belongs. In the homes of everyday people, where artists want to be. It stores art away as a financial commodity, out of sight, out of reach. Without real form and appearance in the world.


I have no desire to be known 100 years from now. I want to be known now, by as many people as I can be so they can hear what I have to say about the world and my vision for it. So they can learn about my original style and let my work resonate within their lives as a naiscent and dying concept. Fuck em if they won’t let me speak to them a little every morning when the sun comes up and the lights come on, or when they walk out of the shower and glance up at my message on the walls and in their ears. What does that take really? What makes art meaningful? 


Traditionally, this has been the critic, the gallerists and curators, the price at auction? No I think not, what makes art meaningful is it’s message about the world we live in and the people that live with it or for it or knowing it. After all, the meaning of painting is painting itself, not something convoluted or misunderstood. 


But art comes from an artist with a mission towards the world, something closer to an attack strategy rather than a sales pitch. 


If I wanted to make money selling art I would become a decorative artist and sell my art to people who decorate their home according to designers and designer tastes. Fuck that. It’s quite simply uninspired and unoriginal. In all of us is a taste and preference towards the beautiful, nostalgic and novel things we like and love, cringe at and hate. I collect all of these thoughts into my home. Some, of course, more than others. 


If you have understood this exhibition you will have taken away a few symbols from my art. You will notice the very basic abstractions as a modern tempo, the absence of subject matter as lightheartedness and purism, completely handmade canvases as Epicureanism, stretched vinyl as the polyester of clothing, the obscene signature as garish mockery of decor and labels, entitlements as a way to utter messages about the commodic nature of art trading, buying and selling, and lastly you’ll venture to Artamorpha the exhibitions conceptual arena, where my art is made complete. 


A message to cynics: I measure my success my the number of paintings I sell not by the number of dollars I make. I measure success through the amount of people that understand the message I’m trying to make.


I believe a new art is rising up where collector becomes critic and artist becomes gallery, curator and auctioneer. Emerging style will occur organically, in real time, as a system towards the edge of chaotic potential. Labelists will be unable to indicate value before collector will discover for themselves a beautiful new Youth who labors their art towards the perennial traditions of art without the need for magazines and capital cities of art and fashion. I think this movement is inevitable.


Art without appearance is dead. Art without understanding is meaningless. Art solely understood by price is valueless. And art made for money is worthless. 


Real Art however is priceless. Money given by patrons to artists is full of value. And art that’s indicated or speculated on by the search for money is worthless to the masses.  


Artamorpha is the birthing of a real new art idea that places the patron back into the role of the critic which will allow the dialogue to continue as it has done throughout the ages of art and as it will continue in the post-internet world.